KOUG Staff

Elizabeth Brodie - Station Manager

I am currently a senior finishing up a degree in Public Affairs and Anthropology. As a transplant to the great state of Washington, I enjoy many things a list too exhaustive for here but which includes; Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and Firefly. I have many hobbies which are often overshadowed by my school work. The one thing that is not overshadowed is listening to music, which I spend a great deal of time doing! I also enjoy sharing wonderful tunes with y’all as a DJ on Amalgamation Station. You should check it out sometime, or learn how to become a DJ so that you too can share your selection of music with others!

Steve Klase – Technology Director

Steve is currently a junior in the electrical engineering program here at WSU Vancouver. As the Technology Director, he maintains KOUG Radio and provides audio assistance for campus events. Outside of school, he enjoys hiking, camping, and listening to electronic music.

Erica Zutz - Public Relations Director

I am currently a senior in the Public Affairs Program here at WSU. I am a Reality TV junkie. I love playing music and interfacing with students and local bands to move the station forward. I am excited for what this school year has in store for both me and the station at large.