Meet The Kougs!


This is Ryan. He is KOUG Radio’s public relations director. He makes all of our amazing flyers and promotions for the station. Ryan is a double major in psychology and human development. When asked “if there was a zombie apocalypse where is the first place you would go?” He said. “I would take over Trump tower and rule the world.”


Koug Winter Insta

Our winter contest is now live! Upload your winter videos and images to your Instagram and tag us @Kougradiolive and include the #KougWinter.
The contest concludes on December 2nd with a showing of Pretty Faces a video of intense female skiers!
Any questions? Please email


Don’t Worry Be Yoncé

An introspective look at hip-hop and rap. Prospective artists played: Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Jay- Z, A$AP Rocky, Drake, and much more. Tune in Monday at  4 PM with DJ Poussey Power.