Meet The Kougs!


This is Ryan. He is KOUG Radio’s public relations director. He makes all of our amazing flyers and promotions for the station. Ryan is a double major in psychology and human development. When asked “if there was a zombie apocalypse where is the first place you would go?” He said. “I would take over Trump tower and rule the world.”

KOUG sits down for an interview with Ian and the Crushers!

KOUG had the pleasure of interviewing Ian and the Crushers on Tuesday, January 14th! Our programming director Rebecca Hilberg conducted the interview and found out about their origins and future plans which can be found here!

Kenny joins the crew at 13:20!

Find out more about Ian and the Crushers at Reverb Nation and their personal website!

P.S. The recording is a little quiet — be sure to turn up the volume!