KOUG Radio Programming


Interested in being a KOUG Radio DJ?
Any time slot not listed here is open for your show pending approval by the WSU Vancouver KOUG Radio staff.


8:00-9:00 Monday Morning Madness with DJ Metal Megan

9:00-10:00  House Music and EDM with DJ Oscar

11:30-12:30 Classic Rock with DJ Undead Essence

2:00-3:00 KougSci with DJs Matt and Keith




8:00-9:00 Subversive Verses with DJ Fletch

11:30-12:30  We’re All Nerds Here with DJ Kate and friends

3:00-4:00 Poetry of Music with DJ Briana

6:00-7:00 The Killa Cannon Show with DJ Cannon Marie




8:00-9:00      N8 AM @ 8 AM with DJ Nate

11:00-12:00 World Through My Eyes with DJ Johann

12:00-1:00 It’s Lit Fam with DJ Duncan

1:00-2:00 The Rock Show with DJ Downhill

2:00-3:00 TO’s Classics with DJ TO

3:00-4:00 Rocker Billy with DJ Billy Gordon

5:00-6:00 EDM with DJ HiLo






10:00-11:00 Throwback Thursdays Request Line with DJ JC

12:00-1:00 Alternative Hits with DJ Katherine

2:00-3:00 Alt Rewind with DJ Lisa

6:00-7:00  Noir Mystery Hour with DJ Kevin


9:00-10:00  The Many Moods of Rachel with DJ Rachel

11:30-12:30  Las Chicas JA with DJs Adriana and Julie

12:30-1:00  KOUG Radio’s Eclectic Eccentricities with DJ Eclectic Ethan

1:00-2:00  Flashback Friday with DJs T-Thundah, Funkmaster-Rizza, and Thunz

2:00-3:00 Girl Groove with DJ Carma

3:00-4:00 Freaky Fridays with DJ Darius


KOUG Radio show programing at WSU Vancouver