KOUG Staff

Raymond West – Station Manager

Hello! I am a senior in the Digital Technology & Culture Program focusing on social media and search engine optimization. I host a show called “Bad Joke Wednesdays” were I like to tell terrible jokes and bad puns (i’m talking real face palm and groan material). I also like to share what is going on in my life on my show. While i’m not studying, or talking on the radio I can still be found in front of a computer screen playing videos games, browsing social media or watching TV shows such a Doctor Who and Game of Thrones. When I’m not in front of a screen I am most likely out bowling trying to beat my all time high score of 216. I may also be out at a food establishment enjoying an adult beverage with friends.
I can be reached at koug.radiomanager@wsu.edu or by phone at (360)-546-9787

Ryan Gunnip – Events, Public Relations, and Advertising Director

I am majoring in psychology as my first step towards becoming a clinician or a mental health specialist. I am a member of the Psi Society, but plan on participating in other clubs or organizations during my final year at WSU-V. When I am not studying, I enjoy watching sci-fi movies or shows, fighting for the Alliance in the World of Warcraft, or writing music on the piano.
My goal as the Events, Public Relations, and Advertising Director is to increase the amount of DJs and listeners by increasing community and student awareness of KOUG Radio.

Anthony Knight – Technology Director

Howdy hey, neighbors! I’m a Computer Science major and I haven’t decided on a primary focus yet. During the school year, I host a show called “Feelin’ Froggy” where I focus on one genre or topic each week and find music related to it. I am an avid gamer, and I love reading as well. My favorite series is the Song of Ice and Fire series (Game of Thrones), with Discworld coming in a very close second. I drink way more coffee than is probably healthy for me, which I blame entirely on my time working at Starbucks. I also have a cat named Isaac who sheds everywhere, but he’s pretty cute so I tolerate it.

Linnea Englund – Music and Programming Director

I’m a senior this year in the Anthropology program, but I’m picking up a minor in Environmental Science so I’ll be here for an extra semester. I’m a member of the Anthropology club, and I volunteer occasionally for OSI, Clark County’s Youth House, and every once in awhile for Fort Vancouver. When I have spare time I enjoy hiking, antiquing, and–of course–exploring new music. I’m very excited to be the M & P Director this year, and if you have any ideas for a show or just want to come and chat, please stop by!