KOUG Staff

Linnea Englund – Station Manager

Hey all! I’m a senior, about to graduate this spring with an Anthropology major and an Environmental Science minor. Neither of those fields are particularly related to radio broadcasting, but who cares! KOUG is a great place for anyone to get involved, regardless of their major (I know that was a shameless plug but it’s true). When I’m not studying or worrying about budgets, I’m hiking, baking, antiquing, and/or spending time with my friends. Additional hobbies include: updating the whiteboard logo in the office, making terrible puns, and forgetting my lunch at home at least once a week. Feel free to reach out to me via email at koug.radiomanager@wsu.edu or by phone at (360)-546-9787.

Haley Mitcham – Events, Public Relations, and Advertising Director

Hello! My name is Haley. Part coffee and part human, I’m a heavy music and poodle enthusiast, and lover of high fives. I’ll be graduating this Spring with a degree in Digital Technology and Culture, a minor in English, and a certificate of professional writing. I knew that I wanted to work for KOUG Radio when it was described to me as being “unrelentlessly creative.” Aside from hopefully finding a career in either technical writing, content creation, or proofreading, I dream of one day writing and illustrating children’s stories.

Anthony Knight – Technology Director

Howdy hey, neighbors! I’m a Computer Science major and I haven’t decided on a primary focus yet. During the school year, I host a show called “Feelin’ Froggy” where I focus on one genre or topic each week and find music related to it. I am an avid gamer, and I love reading as well. My favorite series is the Song of Ice and Fire series (Game of Thrones), with Discworld coming in a very close second. I drink way more coffee than is probably healthy for me, which I blame entirely on my time working at Starbucks. I also have a cat named Isaac who sheds everywhere, but he’s pretty cute so I tolerate it.

John Combs – Music and Programming Director

Hey diddly ho there, neighborinos! I’m Obi-John Combs-nobi. I am a Digital Technology and Culture major that is also pursuing a minor in Sociology. I am optimistic about a spring 2017 graduation. I am obsessed with finding and sharing new music. I also want to talk about your ideas for becoming a DJ!

This is how I normally look when I am hard at work: