Hey Cougars!

Have you gotten the Radio FX app? If not, you’re going to want to. 
We recently launched Koug Radio station on the Radio FX App! This 
app allows you to better connect to the station and DJs on air. 
Here are some of the main features:

Stream music live, from anywhere:
With the Radio FX app, you can stream Koug Radio anywhere from 
your phone. You’ll be hearing, in real time, what’s coming out 
of our studio. 

Want to listen and do something else on your phone? You’re in luck.
The Radio FX app allows you to listen to music while your phone is 
locked or you have another app open. Need to send emails, or order 
some pizza online on your phone? You can do all these things while 
still streaming Koug Radio in the background.

Connect with social media:
Want to check out our social media while listening to our radio? 
You can access our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter right from 
the Radio FX app!

Chat with DJs and other listeners:
On the app, you can chat with DJs while they’re on air. By 
doing this, you can give feedback, ask questions of DJs, and 
respond to things they ask or say on air. You can also chat with
other listener about content and music on air. 

View our DJ schedule:
Want to know when your favorite DJ is playing? You can see 
our radio schedule in the Radio FX app. This let’s you know 
who you’re listening to and when other DJs will be playing.  

Call in to our station:
You can call into our station right from the app. This 
feature allows you to give the station and DJs feedback, as 
well as to interact with our staff and DJs about content. 

If you haven’t gotten the Radio FX app, we hope you join 
us soon! Radio FX is available for Androids and Apple products. 

If you have an interest on becoming a DJ with us, let us know. 
You can host a show a couple times a week, weekly, or every 
other week. If you’d like to be considered for being a DJ, 
fill out the following form and you too could be streamed 
live on Radio FX.
DJ Show proposal form:

Best Regards,
Koug Radio Staff