Advice With No Qualifications A show where the listeners submit questions that the host is unqualified to answer! But she tries anyways! Sometimes there are guests, some of whom may have actual qualifications to help. Or not. Come join the fun listening to DJ Kay answer submitted questions and stupid inquiries from the Internet!
Fridays with the Grandes   Tune in to catch up with the Grandes, three sisters attending WSUV at the same time! AND they are friends, by choice!? They’ll be discussing friendship, positivity, and jokes.
K-Pop Kandy  A show that exposes listeners to the more Asian side of music. With Asian traditional, Asian alternate, and the more popular, more recent, boy and girl groups in Asia. Featuring music by BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan), SNSD (Girl’s Generation), and many, many more.
The Killa Cannon Show  A music critique show. DJ Cannon Marie gives strong opinions in hopes to better the industry, although not everyone will like what she has to say. She’ll bluntly give you opinions of the music that she has heard. Be prepared to deal with the truth, because she never sugar coats things!
The Sport Deities  A weekly sports show focusing on professional sports across the board with a primary focus on the NFL NBA and MLB.